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Auto Trimmers

Are you looking for an automotive auto upholstery team who proudly put the needs and requirements of our customers first? Drawing on years of customer-focused experience the passionate team at Vyfab will provide motorists and auto manufacturers across Australia with unmatched auto trimmers supplies.

Motor/Auto Trimmers Supplies

As all car owners know nothing can detract from the visual appeal of your vehicle more than a damaged, stained, or faded interior. Thanks to our durable and wide range of upholstery solutions the team at Vyfab excel at providing outstanding motor trim supplies to vehicle owners and manufacturers from Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and other Australian locations.

Motor Trim Vinyl

Long renowned for its durability and easy-to-clean nature vinyl can be successfully used for a number of applications. An affordable alternative to fabric and leather interior lining Vyfab’s colourful and outstanding range of motor trim vinyl products allow our customers to select the best variety of vinyl to match the design and aesthetics of your vehicle. To learn more about the benefits of our services or to view samples or our vinyl auto trim please feel free to contact our expert team today!