Vinyl Products

Are you looking for an easy-to-clean, modern, and stylish alternative to fabric upholstery? Drawing on our years of unmatched and direct customer experience, combined with our unique approach, the skilled team at Vyfab excel at assisting residential and commercial customers across Australia with their vinyl needs and requirements. Our extensive range of superior vinyl products are perfect for numerous environments and uses across the country.

Vinyl Wholesaler

As a dedicated vinyl wholesaler we take pride in our range of unique and innovative vinyl products and accessories. Thanks to our knowledge and experience we can guide and direct our customers and clients to select the right product for their needs and requirements.

Vinyl Upholstery Supplies

To ensure that residential and commercial customers across Australia have direct and exclusive access to outstanding vinyl upholstery supplies Vyfab’s team has helped Melbourne home and business owners purchaser affordable and durable vinyl products. Our decision to stock high-quality upholstery-level vinyl allows Melbourne, Sydney, and other clients across Australia to purchase the best upholstery for their needs and requirements.

Vinyl Upholstery – Melbourne & other Australian cities

At Vyfab we are proud to supply a wide variety of unique, colourful, vibrant vinyl upholstery products and options for the convenience and satisfaction of our customers from different industries and walks of life. Whether you are in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney or anywhere else in Australia our passionate team can assist you directly with your wants and needs.

Marine Vinyl Supplies

Committed to providing our customers with an unmatched and affordable upholstery solution based on their requirements Vyfab can assist you with long-lasting upholstery solutions for marine vessels including boats and other craft. Our waterproof marine vinyl supplies are durable enough to prevent the corrosive nature of salt water from damaging seating and surfaces of your vessel.

Marine Vinyl – Melbourne & other Australian cities

At Vyfab our knowledge and experience has provided us with an understanding of the needs and requirements of our customers. To provide a comprehensive and reliable service to our customers we proudly offer durable marine vinyl products for Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and other clients across Australia. To find out more about our detailed services and outstanding products feel free to contact us today.